At the business end of aid

Is the UK government attempting to redefine aid and the purpose of our development budget? At Traidcraft we see a strong focus on private sector growth as a good thing, but we have three stipulations we would add to this. Firstly, our development money should always be divorced from national self-interest. Secondly, that the goal is to reduce poverty.  And thirdly, that the role of micro, small and medium sized private sector actors is recognised within this.

Priti Patel’s appointment as Secretary of State for International Development w

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Small farmers face global challenges in Mauritius

Traidcraft has been sourcing speciality sugars such as muscovado and demerara from Mauritius for many years. The country is hugely dependent on the sugar trade and is set to lose out with the EU’s deregulation of the sugar industry. Alistair Leadbetter looks at the challenges looming for Mauritian farmers, and how the Fairtrade model is helping the industry adapt.

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