Who picked my tea?

All the big UK tea brands have now answered the question ‘Who picked my tea?’. So what does this mean for tea workers in Assam?

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There are few things as British as a nice cup of tea...

But what are conditions like for the people behind your tea?

Tea from Assam in India is a key ingredient in many popular British blends. But while picking tea for the UK’s biggest brands, workers on the tea estates are trapped in poverty. Many live in broken houses, don’t have access to functioning toilets, clean water or proper healthcare.

This simply isn’t right. It’s time for change and this starts with transparency - with brands being open about where they source their tea from.

So, around the country people have challenged the six biggest brands by asking them: ‘Who picked my tea?’. As our voice has been growing, the brands have responded and now all of them have published their supplier lists.

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Knowledge is power

The ‘Who picked my tea?’ campaign has turned the UK’s tea industry from secrecy to one of the most transparent supply chains.

Thanks to actions by people like you, Yorkshire Tea, Twinings, Tetley, Clipper, PG Tips and Typhoo have now published their supplier lists.

This information is power.

For the consumers, who can find out where their tea comes from. But most importantly, for the tea workers who will know who buys their tea. Read our blog to find our more.


Life on the tea estates…

What’s life really like for the people who pick our tea? Hear the workers’ stories and share the video with others.


Want to find out more?


Why does the campaign focus on Assam? Why is it targeting the six biggest brands?

And what about Fairtrade certified tea? Answers to these and other questions can be found in the Who picked my tea? FAQs.

And if you want to know even more… Our report ‘The Estate They’re In gives detail about the working and living conditions of Assam tea workers, the role of British tea brands, and how transparency can trigger wider change in the tea industry. The report is available for download here.


About the campaign

The Who picked my tea? campaign is part of a wider project run by fair trade and ethical fashion movements across Europe. ‘Trade Fair Live Fair’ is funded by the European Union to raise awareness of our reliance on the people who supply us with the things we use everyday like food and clothes.

Partners include Fashion Revolution, the Fair Trade Advocacy Office, the World Fair Trade Organisation (Europe), Fairtrade International, Platforme pour la Commerce Equitable (PFCE) and many smaller fair trade organisations across Europe.

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Change is possible for the tea workers in Assam

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