Ask the big tea brands: Who picked my tea?

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Tea workers in Assam, India, pick tea for some of the most popular British blends. But despite their hard work, they are impoverished and live in appalling conditions.

It's time for change.

The big tea brands can do much more for the tea workers in Assam. It starts by being transparent and telling the public where their tea comes from.

Yorkshire Tea and Twinings have already published all their suppliers. Now we need the other major brands - PG Tips, Tetley, Typhoo and Clipper - to do the same.

Join the call - email the tea brands and ask them 'Who picked my tea?'.

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Order campaign postcards

Send postcards directly to the tea brands' CEOs - an effective way to put pressure on the brands. And why not ordering a few extra cards to give to friends, family and colleagues? The cards are free and you only need to add a stamp.


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