Asking the hard questions and calling for change

Working twelve hours per day. Six or seven days per week. For a wage that leaves you in poverty. That's the reality for millions of people in developing countries, many of whom produce for the British market.

But it doesn't have to be like this.

Traidcraft Exchange campaigns for fairer trading systems that give more back to farmers and workers in the developing world. We ask the hard questions and call for change in trade policy and business practice to tackle poverty and inequality globally - drawing on our programmes with producers in Asia and Africa and our experience of ethical trade by our partner company Traidcraft.

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Make Brexit work for everyone

Britain's exit from the European Union is likely to cause big changes in international trade - and for millions of people who trade with us from poor countries, it could be make or break.

They could find themselves squeezed even harder by powerful international competition. Or it could be the moment when the UK starts trading in a way that really benefits them.

That's why Traidcraft, the Fairtrade Foundation and others are calling on the government to make sure Brexit works for people who trade with us from the poorest countries.

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Other campaigns

Traidcraft Exchange supporters have long been campaigning for changes to make all business fair, most recently in the Justice Campaign and the Supermarkets Campaign.

In the Justice Campaign, we highlighted the fact that some irresponsible British companies were abusing and exploiting people abroad - and getting away with it. Thousands of Traidcraft Exchange campaigners called on changes in the law so companies could be prosecuted in British courts. The campaign received a lot of public support and backing from MPs across all parties. While the public campaign is paused we continue to press for changes behind-the-scene.

In the Supermarkets Campaign, we called on the government to put in place a supermarket's watchdog - and won! The watchdog (known as the Groceries Code Adjudicator or the GCA) was put in place in 2013 to investigate and fine supermarkets for unfair trading practices with suppliers. Right now, we are asking for the remit of the GCA to be extended to include a winder range of suppliers.

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