Millions of people from the poorest countries rely on trade with the UK – and we rely on them.

As the UK is preparing to leave European Union, the next few years could be make or break. Farmers and workers in poorer countries could be pushed into greater poverty – or this could be the moment when we change trade for good.

Right now, the Trade and Customs Bills are going through Parliament - two vital pieces of legislation that will shape the UK's trading relations after we leave the EU. But the Bills include provisions that allow the government to replicate controversial EU trade deals with countries like Ghana. These deals, known as Economic Partnership Agreements, undermine local businesses and jobs in poorer countries and would be a step in the wrong direction.

But we can do better. We need MPs to call for change to the Trade and Customs Bills and make sure our future trade is guided by poverty reduction, sustainable development and democracy.

Ask your MP to speak up for the most vulnerable in global trade - email him or her about fairer trade after Brexit.


What we've achieved so far

When the campaign started in January 2017, it looked like the needs of the poorest countries could be completely overlooked.

But thanks to the actions of thousands of you, the government announced that producers from the 48 least developed countries will continue to have duty-free access to the UK market after Brexit. This will safeguard the livelihoods and businesses of thousands of people in countries like Tanzania, Bangladesh and Uganda.

But now we need them to give the same reassurance to other poor countries like Ghana and Sri Lanka. Join the call and ask your MP to speak up in Parliament for a Brexit that works for everyone. 

More than 38,000 people have asked the Trade Secretary Liam Fox to make Brexit work for people in the poorest countries.

More than 38,000 people have asked the Trade Secretary Liam Fox to make Brexit work for people in the poorest countries.

Five reasons why replicating the EUs trade deals isn’t good enough


Simply replicating EU trade deals would be a big mistake and a missed opportunity to do better.

But what’s so controversial with these trade agreements? And how can we change trade so it really works for the poorest? Read our blog and find out.

Want to get more in-depth knowledge about Brexit, trade and development? Read our FAQ or download our campaign report Brexit: Let's Change Trade for Good.


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