Millions of people from the poorest countries rely on trade with the UK – and we rely on them.

As the UK starts to negotiate its exit from the European Union, the next few years could be make or break.

With the right policies in place, Brexit could be an opportunity for the UK to trade in ways that really benefit people from the poorest countries. Without them, exporters from developing countries could face additional tariffs or unfair competition from new trade agreements with wealthy countries.

Join the campaign - contact your MP and let the government know you want a Brexit that works for everyone.


Don't repeat the EU's trade mistakes - we can do better!

Over the next few months, our MPs will debate the Trade and Customs Bills. It’s an opportunity to change trade so it works for people in poorer countries.

Earlier this year, the government listened to us and pledged that the least developed countries will get duty-free and quota-free access to the UK market after Brexit – a big relief for millions of workers, farmers and their families.  

But for countries like Ghana and Kenya they want to replicate controversial EU trade deals known as Economic Partnership Agreements. These deals have been resisted by a number of countries who fear they will undermine their fledgling industries and the chance for people to trade their way out of poverty.

Replicating these deals would be a big mistake – and a missed opportunity to do better. So please, will you ask your MP to stand up in Parliament for trade that works for all poorer countries?

More than 38,000 people asked the Trade Secretary to make Brexit work for people in the poorest countries.

More than 38,000 people asked the Trade Secretary to make Brexit work for people in the poorest countries.

What we've achieved so far

When Traidcraft Exchange joined others to campaign on Brexit, it looked like the needs of the poorest countries could be completely overlooked.

But thanks to the actions of thousands of you, the government has said that the 48 poorest countries in the world will continue to have duty-free access to the UK market after Brexit. This will safeguard the livelihoods and businesses of thousands of people in countries like Tanzania, Bangladesh and Uganda.

Soon, we will make the case that the next tier of developing countries - which includes Kenya, Ghana and Pakistan - can benefit from a similar scheme. Watch this space!


Find out more

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How could Brexit affect people who trade with us from poorer countries? What could our government do to make sure they don't lose out? And how could Brexit be the beginning of trade that is truly fair?

This and much more is explained in our FAQ blog. If you would like a more in-depth read, with case studies and stats, then download our campaign report Brexit: Let's Change Trade for Good.


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