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Pay in your donations

Once you've held your Big Brew, donate the money you raised to Traidcraft Exchange's Hidden Entrepreneur appeal - which will mean it gets doubled by the UK Government to help even more people.


Hosting a Big Brew for Fairtrade Fortnight and can change the future for families in developing countries.

The donations made in exchange for baked goods and strong coffee help entrepreneurs, farmers and artisans in developing countries to leave poverty behind for good. 

Traidcraft Big Brews are huge fun, but they also make a hugely positive impact in the world.

If you'd love to get your community together to change the world for the better, order a Big Brew pack today! 

You'd better be quick - these beautiful packs are always in demand...


Big Brew Resources

Grab yourself some extra Big Brew Resources - simply click on the images to print or order what you need.

We've got posters, signs, bunting, leaflets and games... Everything you need to make your event a success! 


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