Halima is a
Hidden Entrepreneur

With Traidcraft Exchange's help, she's using her talents and determination to build a business that is feeding her family and educating her children.

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We are

It's our mission to use the power of trade to create lasting solutions to poverty.

We're the partner charity of Traidcraft, the fair trade company. We bring people together to fight injustice in trade.


Julia is hardworking, talented and imaginative.

She has everything you need to be a success in business. If she’d been born here in the UK, no doubt she’d be in charge of a flourishing food business today.


Try something new...

Take on a
Big Brew


Every year around Fairtrade Fortnight, thousands of people across the country gather to enjoy a coffee and a cake and in doing so raise money for farmers and artisans living in poverty. These events are huge fun, and hugely important in our fight against injustice in trade.


Big Smiles

Big cakes

Big servings

Big difference

Big Brew.


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